3 in 1 Safe T Light

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An ordinary night light provides a degree of safety, but, when the power fails, you’re left in the dark.

When the power fails

Once power is cut, the re-chargeable internal battery in Safe T Light takes over. As the only light in the dark, the torch head is easily located and can then be gently pulled from the base unit. You now have a torch that will last up to 4 hours. No scrabbling around in drawers or falling on the stairs in the dark.

Economical Night Light

During the night, when the SafeTLight is illuminating your stairs, hallway, landing or your bedroom, the unit is consuming less than 0.5 watt so costs less than 50 pence a year to run. This is far more economical than conventional 7 watt night lights and is due to the LED technology used.

Recommended positioning of a SafeTLight

Ideally, your SafeTLightshould be positioned near stairs, on landings and optionally for the young or elderly, in bedrooms. Falling down stairs in the dark is a common source of injury for the elderly and our SafeTLight is leap forward in safety in the home.

Safety in the home – 2 functions

A dark stairway, landing or bedroom will not present a problem for many people. For the very young, the elderly or those withimpaired mobility or vision, good lighting is imperative. SafeTLights in hallways, on landings and in bedrooms can be a life saver. It is now a fact that more people are killed by accidents in the home than by accidents on the road. Many home injuries and deaths involve falls. Our emergency SafeTLight fulfills two important safety functions.

1) As a low level night light it is economical, automatic and worry free. It provides safe and gentle light throughout the hours of darkness.

2) Safe T Light’s second function takes over when the power fails. When all other lights go out, your SafeTLights can be seen giving a reassuring light. You can easily find and remove the torch head. The light power will then increase and become more focussed – like an ordinary torch beam.

Care / nursing home emergency lighting

The SafeTLight also has an important role as emergency lighting in care homes, residential nursing homes and other buildings where residents may have problems with vision and mobility. It provides a gentle night light during the hours of darkness and emergency lighting when the power fails – giving both residents and staff peace of mind.

Of course, it’s also handy for residential care staff to have a torch nearby for when it’s needed. The rechargeable torch will operate for 4 hours before it needs to be returned to its charging / base unit – ideal for looking under beds or in dark cupboards.

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