Satinsheet System

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 SatinSheet System

A complete in bed system for turning and positioning to make manual handling safer, this solution is suitable for a user with limited mobility.

SatinSheet 2D base sheet is available in 3 lengths; Mini provides low friction under

the hip section, Midi covers also the shoulder section and Maxi covers the entire length

of the bed.    On Midi and Maxi lengths there is a choice of 60 or 70 cm satin width.

SatinSheet 2D Maxi is available in four alternatives;

  • Maxi Fit sheet (90×200 cm) a fitted sheet with locking strings and the lower satin area covers the entire width of the mattress to help with sliding the feet in and out of bed.
  • Maxi Double (280×200) a flat sheet for double bed with satin on one side.

Draw Sheet – combination for assisted turning

Combining a Satinsheet 2D base sheet with a DrawSheet, allows the caregiver to assist a user with reduced mobility to turn in bed.

SatinSheet 4Direction – combination for complete assisted movement

SatinSheet 4D is a draw sheet with satin on the underside and specifically adapted to be used in combination with a SatinSheet 2D underneath. The combination of a SatinSheet 2D base sheet with a SatinSheet 4D creates a system that allows movement in all directions.

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