Eco-Flex Chairs

Postural Care Management

The EcoFlex has been designed with Lateral back cushion as standard, which offers strong postural support to meet the majority of users.

However as the backrest cushions are inter-changeable other back modules can be fitted to meet the needs and requirements of any individual.

Moving and Handling

The Ecoflex has the advantage of specially designed arm sides to allow easy access for mobile hoists.

Stock Chairs available now to hire or buy. (Single Motor TIS)

The Ecoflex has pressure care management built in to the seat. This is available in both the seat and footrest achieved by using Reflexion Foam in the duvet cover. Seat modules are interchange-able allowing the pressure care to be altered at a later date if the pressure requirements change. Catering for medium to high pressure care.

Options available: To Order

The Ecoflex is available in

single motor Tiltinspace

• Dual motor & Dual TIS

A range of different fabrics with VP fabric as standard on all pa-tient contact areas.

• Low profile & standard height

• Seat size options

Options available:

low profile

Seat height 16″ – 17″

Seat width 19″ 21 ”

Seat depth 19″ – 22″

Back Height 26″ – 28″

Standard Height

Seat height 18″ – 21″

Seat width 19″ 21 ”

Seat depth 19″ – 22″

Back Height 28″ – 30″

Standard specific models priced from Single Motor TIS £1360.00

Dual Motor £1470.00

Dual Motor TIS £1575.00